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tHE SAFE pLACE project


Offices ready for the provision of psychological support services | speech therapy| Peer supervision | Experiential workshops|Seminars

"Flexibility, security, team spirit"

"No worries about accounts"

"Our profession can become lonely - join our company"


A safe place to start your professional career while receiving peer supervision

What is "The Safe Place Project" ?
  • A safe  space for seeking and receiving help from healthcare professionals

  • An effort to integrate young professionals who have an appetite and passion for their profession, in a collaborative context

  • An inspiring environment where therapists can be productive but also helpful to those who need it

  • Fully furnished office space for the use of psychotherapeutic and speech therapy interventions

  • Carefully designed space for the beginning of a therapist's professional career.

How does it work?
  • 4 independent office spaces - 2 professionals per space

  • The team will consist of 8 professionals of different specialties

  • 4 professionals can use the spaces at any time

  • Use of online booking system

  • Comfortable waiting area for patients

  • Use of space for appointments - notes - conducting seminars / experiential / group

  • Flexibility in the hours and days of use

Who does it concern?

Registered / Licensed:

  • Clinical Psychologists

  • Teachers / School Psychologists

  • Counseling Psychologists

  • Speech therapists

Equipment and furniture
  • New, comfortable and quality furniture 

  • Office for notes

  • Armchairs and two-seater sofas

  • Coffee tables

  • Safe cabinet for storing notes

  • Degree frames - possibility of using personal items (eg books)

  • Device that offers sound insulation

  • New air conditioners

  • Comfortable kitchen

  • Toilet

  • Comfortable waiting area

  • Inscription with name

  • Printer

  • Wifi

Peer group supervision
  • Peer supervision and feedback is an extremely important part of our profession

  • Rarely, however, do we use it

  • Option to participate in structured and scheduled group, peer supervision once a month

  • 1.5 hours of feedback/discussion always based on anonymity and confidentiality - respecting our patients


The office is located in a quiet, neighboring area of Strovolos, behind Prodromou, on the top floor of a residential building. Panoramic view of the Children's River and Linear Park. The address is Damonos 14, Galazis Court 2, 2064.


The offices are expected to run and provide services by mid October

Renting fees?

Rent is on a monthly basis. Reduced fees in the first 3 months.

For more information call 99454398 (Orestis) or email your CV at

*Kindly note that the office is currently under renovation. All images (except the last one) are only mere representations/indications of the office space and not actual photos of the space 

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