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Let's get acquainted . . .

In therapy we often say that we become our stories and our narratives. Naturally, each story has different versions, something like a Rubik's cube. Our work as clinical psychologists is to help the person align all sides of the Rubik's cube, so that the actual picture makes sense. This in turn will enable the person to live a full life.

My Rubik's cube was aligned a few years ago when early on during my studies and later during my clinical practicum I confirmed that I want to pursue a life which entails "giving" and supporting those in need, people which may have lost their "compass" and direction.

Since then, I have co-travelled with people who happened to face a variety of difficulties such as mood disorders (anxiety and depression), relationship or work problems, physical disabilities and chronic pain, with the goal of finding our sense of direction. "Our", since the context is synergistic. "Our" because we all try to climb this steep mountain called life. It is just that sometimes, we might need a helping hand, perhaps a torch to light up the tunnel, until we find our way out.

As a clinical psychologist, I invest in building a strong therapeutic alliance with "my co-traveller" - that is to build our own boat which we will use to travel. Using empirically validated psychological interventions such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Narrative and Solution Focused Therapy as well as existential approaches, I try to tailor each therapy session according to the person's needs. 

Brief Curriculum Vitae
  • University of Nottingham, B.Sc. in Psychology

  • University of King's College London, M.Sc in Mental Health Studies

  • University of Cyprus, Ph.D. Doctorate in Clinical Psychology,Ph.D.

  • Trained in Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy

  • Trained in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

  • Trained in Brief Solution-Focused Narrative Therapy

Professional Experience
  • Kenthea and Ithaki Counselling Stations​

  • ​Cyprus National Guard​

  • Agia Skepi - Substance abuse rehabilitation program​

  • Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Settings - Cyprus Paraplegic Organisation​

  • Private Office 

Research Experience
  • The ALGEApp Project: The development and testing of an online intervention for chronic pain management

  • Stay On Track Project: The development and testing of a smartphone application for medication adherence in chronic conditions

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