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Here is a short video-clip about me and my philosophy:


Dear Co-traveller,

Some of life’s hardships may only need some time and courage for us to get them through. However, some other times we may need some guidance. If you are here today, you probably mastered enough courage to seek out help - which I know it is not easy.


The way I approach therapy is a bit like this metaphor: We are each climbing our own mountain called life. The only difference however, is that from the mountain that I am climbing, I may be able to see the safest, or the most interesting route for you, help you identify any obstacles and get them through, in order to continue to your destination.


There are some routes which may be easy, yet a bit boring. There also are some routes which may be rather challenging, yet they tend to be interesting - it is usually those routes that we often discover more about ourselves.


Moreover, you probably do know already that magic happens outside our comfort zone. Sometimes we need to feel the uncomfortable sensation of “take off” in order to enjoy the views from above. We need to ascend the steep route before we can actually descend it. It needs to rain before we can actually see the rainbow.


“Magic happens outside our comfort zone. Let’s do some magic.”


Psychological  Support  Services

On one-to-one sessions we discuss openly the matter that brought you in therapy. We work together in a collaborative context, to find the best possible solutions for you....
Individual Therapy
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